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Saxophone Lessons Available in the Comfort of Your Home

Are you or your child looking to start playing the saxophone?

Have you stopped playing saxophone but would like to start up once again?

Looking to add some more flavor to your rock project by adding some saxophone?

Have you wanted to start taking saxophone lessons but just don’t have time to commute to a school or teaching facility?


I am a Professional saxophonist now accepting new students for the spring.   I accept students who are new to the saxophone between the ages of 7 and 97. I specialize in teaching, jazz improve, rock, funk, blues, and r&b saxophone. My goal is to teach every student the fundamentals of the saxophone while facilitating them on their journey toward achieving their musical goals. A fun and relaxed atmosphere is a must! Lessons can are taught in your home, or at my teaching facility.  I have 6 years teaching experience and have been playing, and recording now for 17 years (B.A University of Michigan).


Rates for in home lessons:

$20/ ½ hour  $30/ hour


Rates at my teaching facility:

$15/ ½ hour   $25/ hour

Joshua  Thomson
(313) 258-0378

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